Top Ten Cars Under $25.0K

If you’re looking for a cheap car to take on a long weekend or a short vacation, try using model-year comparison tool on the web to make sure you’re only looking at cars manufactured within the past few years. For instance, if you’re looking for a used car within the next few years, you will want to check out vehicles which are either five or ten years old. This ensures you will be getting the best possible deal. Most of the major car rental companies have their own vehicles categorized into these models so it should be no trouble finding the right used car.

Top Ten Cars Under $25.0K

The only way to be sure you’ve found a good deal on a good vehicle is to go to the actual location where you would like to pick the vehicle up and test drive it. Most car hire companies offer this on their websites so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a vehicle you like. Once you have done this you can start comparing prices from different vehicles and search tools to see which ones offer the best price for your needs. Searching for cars typically isn’t very difficult, but using the right tools can help make the process easier and more effective.

Putting everyone’s finances aside, we feel the $20.0k – $25.0k price range is a reasonable price to start with owning a standard car.

2022 Chevrolet Spark

2022 Chevrolet SparkIf you’re looking for a new small car that will fill the bill as an inexpensive family car, consider a Chevrolet Spark. The late model Chevy Spark has become one of the most popular vehicles in its class and it’s easy to see why. The Spark performs well despite being a two door vehicle and it also has all the standard features you would find in a family car.

Although it may not have the same fuel efficiency as some other small cars, the Spark manages to get better gas mileage than many sedans despite its small size.

The Chevrolet Spark with its strong reliability, great value and dependability has become a popular choice among consumers. The availability of a lower monthly payment and an extended service plan that takes care of most major repairs has made the Spark one of the best values in the small car segment.

The availability of an on road test that takes less than a week makes the Spark even more appealing, although many consumers don’t know how reliable the car is. With the availability of a lower monthly payment, low annual mileage, and no-frills performance, the Chevrolet Spark continues to be one of the best values in its class.

The Chevrolet Spark with its proven durability and dependability is backed by an innovative on-road testing program that helps determine the car’s on-road predicted reliability score. The on-road predicted reliability score is based on six factors including repair history, warranty history, driving record, breakdown rate, theft rate, and accident history. Based on the information gathered from these variables, the on-road predicted reliability score can be determined to give a score that represents the expected reliability of the vehicle.

For example, if the car is involved in five accidents during the past three years, it would have a lower expected reliability score than a car that has never had any accidents or been involved in any accidents. The study also considers the cost of repairs for each incident, the effect it will have on the expected life span of the vehicle, and the average fuel cost that would be incurred during a year of driving the vehicle.

$13,600 – $18,100 MSRP

29-30 City / 37-38 Hwy MPG


2021 Mitsubishi Mirage

When first driven off the lot, the Mitsubishi Mirage was struck by how badly it performed almost every metric other than fuel efficiency. The ride is very bouncy, road noise is2021 Mitsubishi Mirage constant, and steering feel is practically non-existent. After driving around a bit, I began to understand where this poor performance stems from. My take is that the biggest contributor to the poor ride of the Mitsubishi Mirage was poorly manufactured and designed parts. It is my opinion that these poor design elements were what got the car such a bad reputation.

Based off of my own personal experiences with the Mitsubishi Mirage and having driven many other high performance cars, I believe the primary contributing factor to its poor performance is poor design.

As I mentioned above, the wheelbase is very long which leads to an ineffective center of gravity and poor handling. Another contributing factor is the extremely large tires on the car which act as draggers on the road. The tires also act as secondary drivetrain components which boosts fuel economy.

All in all, the Mitsubishi Mirage’s handling is poor compared to other vehicles in its class for the simple fact that the design of the vehicle stinks when you get it wrong and it just plain does not perform as well as the better vehicles out there. As stated before, this is not a vehicle to purchase if you plan on buying for the family because of its poor handling.

In conclusion, the next time you decide to purchase a car, you must first conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the vehicle that you are going to purchase. From mileage, to crash test performance, to retail price, you must always keep your options open when purchasing a car. One of the most important aspects of a vehicle is its powertrain warranty, and the Mitsubishi Mirage does not have a very good one.

Due to the high cost of the car, it would be a huge risk to purchase one of these vehicles if you intend on sticking with the car for a few years. If you want to save some money on your purchase, you can purchase the Nissan Armada or the Honda Civic instead.

$14,295 – $18,195 MSRP

33-36 City / 40-43 Hwy MPG


2021 Nissan Versa

2021 Nissan VersaNissan Versa is a relatively new model in the automobile industry and it is getting great reviews from car enthusiasts. It is equipped with most advanced safety features and has set a benchmark for future models. Nissan Versa was first introduced in Japan in 2009 and has since then been gaining tremendous popularity in the automotive industry.

Its sports style styling and advanced engineering has made Nissan Versa one of the best selling cars in the world. Nissan Versa carries with it five decades of trouble free ownership as well as excellent resale value.

Nissan Versa’s main competitor is the Toyota Celica which also carries the Toyota Lexus name. Though the base model of Nissan Versa is priced very high, it is affordable to most people. One advantage that Nissan Versa has over its competitors is the extra safety features it carries with it.

Though the exterior design and styling of Nissan Versa is sporty, it still maintains a low profile and elegant look. Most car enthusiasts prefer buying a Nissan Versa sedan over any other type of sedan due to the extra comfort it offers.

Nissan Versa comes as a small, four door sedan hatchback with powerful engines and a wide selection of options and features. The spacious interiors of Nissan Versa allow for a comfortable and hassle free ride despite its compact size.

Most of the Versa sedans are equipped with large windows to provide the driver the best view while driving at high speeds. Nissan Versa hatchbacks offer great fuel economy and a comfortable ride, making it perfect for families and people who like to travel long distances on a daily basis.

$14,980 – $18,390 MSRP

27-32 City / 35-40 Hwy MPG


2020 Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris are a great vehicle for those who prefer smaller, more economical cars. The compact Yaris sedan is Toyota’s lowest priced car, starting at just less than $20.0k. At this low2020 Toyota Yaris price, it is worth around $2k cheaper than its larger brother, the Yaris hatchback.

The Yaris is very popular for those on a budget, young buyers, or those who live in smaller towns. While prices have come down since its release, they have yet to reach the same low prices seen during the 2021 Christmas season.

While the Yaris hatchback is available in four different trim levels, all models offer good value for money. You can choose to buy the basic, mid-level Yaris, the Grand touring, and the exclusive Track package, which adds power, suspension, air conditioning, and power steering to the package. All vehicles come standard with a six-point harness and a cargo bed protection guard.

The base trim of the Yaris sedan, equipped with the standard 6-point seat belts and front seat fold up trims, offers a good starting point for someone looking for a family car. Toyota has not forgotten its enthusiast base either, as the Yaris has been redesigned to allow drivers a spacious, and less congested drive.

The new model line ups of the Yaris continue to offer consumers good value for their money. As always, when buying a used vehicle it is important to check for warranties and be wary of hidden costs. Check over your options before purchasing a used Toyota Yaris.

$19,527 – $21,206 AVG PRICE PAID

30-32 City / 39-40 Hwy MPG


2021 Kia Rio

2021 Kia RioThe Kia Rio is an excellent entry level vehicle for all drivers who are looking for a vehicle with the Kia symbol on the front bumper and driving wheels. This car also offers great value for money and is designed to cater to the needs of the younger car buyers.

Offering excellent handling and fuel efficiency, the Rio also has a stylish design that makes it one of the most sought after cars in the UK. With many added extras, such as LED daytime running lights, a 3D camera and Kia’s new range of powerful engines, the Rio makes an excellent choice for young drivers or first time owners.

The new Kia Rio offers a host of new features including built-in climate control, Kia’s exciting safety system, Thule’s Vehicle Stability Assist and Hyundai’s exciting HandsFreeLink system. The Thule system uses an innovative interface to link the car’s airbag system, braking system and vehicle’s main control system so that you can easily perform hands-free operation of the car without having to take your eyes off the road.

For an environmentally friendly car that you can be proud of driving, the new Rio was designed with this in mind and also incorporates cutting edge technology. The Mercedes Benz version also incorporates a high-tech air filter to provide clean air that will keep the engine working at its best.

If the car you are looking at does not offer a high-tech exterior, you should consider purchasing a roof mounted sunroof for improved visibility on warm days. Although this car has some standard features such as a dual-zone climate control, Kia has decided to add a few extra bonuses including a built-in power antenna, Nissan stereo head unit and front seat DVD player.

With a price tag of just over one thousand dollars, the Rio makes it a very affordable luxury vehicle for anyone who enjoys driving luxury vehicles. Its powerful Performance Line of engines will keep you on the road in comfort and the roof-mounted roof deflectors and rearview camera make this car a great candidate for daily commuting.

$16,050 – $16,990 MSRP

33 City / 41 Hwy MPG


2022 Hyundai Accent

When looking at the best new hatchbacks, you might consider what the Hyundai Accent has to offer. Hyundai has consistently sold cars that are great value for money. This is2022 Hyundai Accent because they work hard to keep their products cost effective while at the same time providing consumers with an excellent driving experience.

The Hyundai Accent, however, goes a step further by making it possible to drive comfortably and reliably even if you’ve never driven a vehicle with a hatchback before.

Hyundai Accent Review – Driving Comfort With A Degree of Ease When considering the best of the best, it’s easy to overlook some of the compact cars on offer, but the Hyundai Accent manages to maintain its high value and reliability rating thanks to a host of factors. One of the reasons it’s so well known is because it offers a standard six-year warranty on its front brake system.

While this may not sound like much, it can make a real difference when you’re involved in a serious accident. The Hyundai Accent’s brake assist system allows the driver to use the brakes individually, or both simultaneously if required. It’s a feature many drivers will find highly beneficial, as they won’t be stuck in their cars waiting for the mechanic to arrive.

Hyundai Accent Review – Quality Interior The interior of any Hyundai is second to none, and the Accent lives up to this with both its classy interior and boot space. It’s a smart choice for anyone who needs an all-round vehicle that provides reliable handling and value for money.

The Accent also has some excellent features, such as an audio system with five speaker sets, a CD player, and a large LCD screen that shows vehicle information such as speed, distance and other driving statistics. Its hard plastics have been built to keep hold of the hot engine parts and its interior accessories are designed to provide a user-friendly experience.

$16,645 – $19,600 MSRP

33 City / 41 Hwy MPG


2020 Chevrolet Sonic

2020 Chevrolet SonicIs the Chevrolet Sonic A Really Good Car? Yes, the Chevrolet Sonic isn’t just a good car for kids. Adults too can comfortably fit comfortably in the front two rows of seating, and there is plenty of trunk space. The infotainment system too is very easy to operate, with most features including voice recognition.

For an all around family car, perhaps the best option would be the new chevy sonic. In terms of fuel economy, while both the gas models and the gasoline models have similar mpg averages, the chevy sonic loses out on the rear seat in overall passenger volume.

However, that may not be an accurate representation of the two cars since the base model has better fuel mileage, but also has slightly less horsepower. Overall, however, it comes out as a better family car and ride quality on the highway is much better with the gas model.

Overall, while the base model of the chevy sonic is cheaper than the other models in the range, it is hard pressed to buy a car that can be considered a complete package. While it has all the basic features, it lacks the nifty extras of the others and the performance is just a bit below the mid range of the Honda Fit.

But then again, if you are looking for a family car with a great ride quality and decent performance, you won’t go wrong with the chevy sonic. It is one of the best compact cars on the market today, especially when it comes to ride quality, price, design, and performance.

$18,746 – $22,975 AVG PRICE PAID

26 City / 34 Hwy MPG


2021 Kia Forte

Kia Forte review should focus on how the new Forte stacks up to the other major brands in the segment. The Forte name is synonymous with dependability and style. When you’re2021 Kia Forte looking at a mid sized vehicle that offers good value for your dollar, the Forte certainly has a lot to offer.

It is currently one of the cheapest sedans available on the market, which is great news for consumers who are looking for an affordable, roomy vehicle with ample storage room and an ample amount of leg room. Consumers need to realize though, that even though this is the case, the Forte is still not as well rounded as some of the competition in the sedan class.

As a mid sized sedan, the Forte should be able to contend with the luxury sedans that may be more suited to your lifestyle. The refreshed models of the Forte give it a chance to stand out from the crowd without losing any of its dependability or comfort. Most consumers are looking for a larger sedan that has all of the convenience, performance, power, and variety that they expect from a mid sized sedan.

Unfortunately, the Forte falls short on some of those factors, but changes have been made so that in the near future, consumers will be a better choice for the Forte. Kia is making several updates to the series, most importantly to its new gas mileage rated of its new diesel engine.

The new diesel fuel economy platform increases kia’s fuel economy by about twenty percent over their current models. Consumers looking for a truck with a large passenger compartment should take note that the Forte isn’t very roomy inside. However, it does offer plenty of cargo space and offers a decent amount of leg room as well due to the larger size of the car inside.

The Forte also doesn’t offer the trunk space that many other small cars do, but it is still a decent size. Overall, the Kia Forte is a well-built and reliable compact car that is capable of handling itself on the highway.

$17,890 – $23,390 MSRP

25-31 City / 32-41 Hwy MPG


2021 Hyundai Accent

2022 Hyundai AccentThe Hyundai Venue has long been a top choice among families looking for a family sedan with all the performance and style they could desire. In fact, the Hyundai Venue is one of the more popular models in the segment, which makes it a little difficult to come by for those looking for a used vehicle.

Fortunately, there are a number of sources that have a number of high quality used Hyundai Venues available at reasonable prices. Here’s how to find these deals.

One of the best places to find a used Hyundai Venue is an online outlet called Kelly Blue Book. This website specializes in offering comprehensive information about the most popular makes and models of vehicles, including details about all their unique attributes, performance statistics, as well as average pricing and options.

The Hyundai Venue is ranked in the top twenty of the small subcompact sedan segment, thanks to its spacious seating space, good fuel economy, smooth driving dynamics, affordable Pricing, and a host of standard features and tech.

Another option for finding a low mileage Hyundai Venue is to go online to car forums. There are a number of automotive forums that discuss various parts and components such as the gasoline for the Hyundai Venue, and the powertrain on the cars. When you’re attending a forum, always ask if the people there know of any good dealers for the Hyundai Venue, and if so, how far they are from each other.

If possible, try to get some pictures of actual forum postings, as this can give you a good idea of what kind of experiences other potential owners have had. You may also find some quality insider information by following some of the threads at some of these automotive forums.

$15,395 – $19,500 MSRP

29-33 City / 39-41 Hwy MPG


2022 Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is among the top subcompact sedans available on the market today. It boasts ample passenger and cargo space, while at the same time providing a smooth and2022 Kia Soul comfortable ride. All the Soul series models come equipped with a host of standard features, including air conditioning, power door mirrors, power locks, auto upholstery, and so forth.

One highly regarded auto magazine rated the Soul as one of the best compact sedans available in the market today. The Soul’s allure lies in its styling, which borrows elements from contemporary Japanese vehicles and classic American vehicles alike.

In terms of interior design, the Soul features clean lines and a simple, yet spacious design. For example, the front headlight casings are designed to minimize dimmer light within the vehicle, which means that you can enjoy a bright, easy to see face when you are driving. In addition to this, the Soul offers standard safety features such as automatic seatbelts, traction control, hill start assist, and hill assist with steering control.

To keep the interior of the Soul comfortable, many models offer built-in cup holders, universal fittings for spray-foam seat cushions, and various types of fabrics used to cover the interior surfaces. For those drivers who would like to customize the inside of the Soul, several options exist such as using the factory bumpers and floor mats, using interior trims for the headliner and tailgate, and adding graphics to the dash board.

Despite being one of the biggest selling cars in the Korean car market, the Soul does not receive the same treatment from Kia dealers everywhere. Many Soul owners are frustrated with the company’s treatment of the car, which they say is inferior in quality and reliability.

Some Kia dealers have tried to fix this problem by re-branding the Soul with the help of a well known sub-brand company called Kia Motors America, but this strategy backfired when consumers discovered that the new Soul was nearly identical to their older model Soul without any significant improvements.

Fortunately, Kia Motors has recognized that they need to do something to compete in the high priced Korean car segment and, in addition to offering better warranties, have begun issuing direct-sold Soul editions. Although the Soul offers all the basic features of a Soul model, it is clearly aimed at those customers seeking a more modern car with cutting edge performance.